Refereed Conferences

  1. Monte Carlo Tree Search With Iteratively Refining State Abstractions

    Samuel Sokota, Caleb Ho, Zaheen Farraz Ahmad, J Zico Kolter

    NeurIPS 2021

  2. Marginal Utility for Planning in Continuous and Large Discrete Action Spaces

    Zaheen Farraz Ahmad, Levi H. S. Lelis, Michael Bowling

    NeurIPS 2020

  3. Action Selection for Hammer Shots in Curling

    Zaheen Farraz Ahmad, Robert Holte, Michael Bowling

    IJCAI 2016

Refereed Journals

  1. Motivation in a MOOC: a Probabilistic Analysis of Online Learners’ Basic Psychological Needs

    Tracy Durksen, Man-Wai Chu, Zaheen Farraz Ahmad, Amanda Radil, Lia Daniels

    Social Psychology of Education


  1. Measuring the Solution Strength of Learning Agents in Adversarial Perfect Information Games

    Zaheen Farraz Ahmad, Nathan Sturtevant, Michael Bowling

    AAAI-RLG 2021


  1. Action Selection for Hammer Shots in Curling: Optimization of Non-convex Continous Actions With Stochastic Action Outcomes

    Zaheen Farraz Ahmad

    University of Alberta